• Rodrigo Arnaut

    Rodrigo Arnaut

    Technology Creativity Innovation Director at Esconderijo.xyz, engineer, teacher at FAAP. Master of Science in IA a USP (Poli), MBA (ESPM), #EraTransmidia #SET

  • Haydn Sweterlitsch

    Haydn Sweterlitsch

    Creative • Strategy • Content • Culture // SVP Marketing, Spring EQ

  • Ignasi Casamada

    Ignasi Casamada

  • Ildiko Tanko

    Ildiko Tanko

  • Omer Aslan

    Omer Aslan

    Software, hardware, cinema and other stuff.

  • Mayfield Robotics

    Mayfield Robotics

    We make home robots that are joyful, useful, and inspiring. For the latest updates about the Mayfield robot, visit us online at www.mayfieldrobotics.com

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    Silje Gabrielsen

    Designer at Hiro Futures. Our team of robot engineers, software developers and designers are working on the future of human-machine collaboration. 🤖

  • Liên Nguyễn

    Liên Nguyễn

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