Why Commercial Cleaning Robots are the New Standard for 2021

With 2021 promising big wins in the fight against COVID-19, you might wonder whether it’s worth investing in new cleaning solutions to meet today’s unique challenges–when a return to “normalcy” is seemingly right around the corner. It may be tempting to ride out the rest of the storm without making any significant changes to your cleaning program, like implementing commercial cleaning robots.

The reality is, commercial cleaning robots are not just a short term solution to the many challenges posed by a global pandemic. Yes, these robots have helped cleaning teams meet unprecedented levels of demand and sky-high cleaning expectations. But, the need for better, faster cleaning won’t just go away in the new year. Instead, commercial cleaning robots will become the new standard for proactively keeping public spaces cleaner and safer–in 2021 and beyond.


1. Cleaning Remains Critical into 2021

Until then, cleaning standards must remain strict; a message sometimes lost in the exciting news of safe and effective vaccines. However, slipping into complacency now is dangerous, as cases surge across the United States. Learn more about why the vaccine news doesn’t mean relaxing cleaning standardsanytime soon.

2. The Culture of Cleaning Has Changed–For Good

Additionally, the culture of cleaning itself has changed. Cleaning teams that have implemented commercial cleaning robots are seeing massive improvements in their cleaning performance. They increase their cleaning quality and efficiency, save time and costs, and better-allocate resources using real-time data.

Even before the pandemic, labor shortages and razor-thin margins drove many commercial cleaning companies to look for a change–a better solution to the ongoing challenges in the industry. The pandemic has only accelerated the adoption of this next generation of cleaning technology, and the benefits of this technology will provide long-term value beyond the current crisis.

3. Keep Up with COVID-19 Cleaning Demand

4. Realize the Value of Being an Early Adopter of Cleaning Robots

5. Maximize Long-Term Cost Savings

6. Build Your Data-Driven Cleaning Capabilities Now

For example, Whiz tracks the square footage vacuumed each day and logs every hour it swept each space. Our Whiz Connect software platform can visualize this data, which provides actionable insights so you can easily track goals, manage cleaning routes and locations, and ultimately get the most out of your cleaning activities.


Contact us today to learn more about how Whiz can help you achieve your cleaning goals in 2021.

Written By: SoftBank Robotics Team

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